Optimizing for the “Snack Pack” and Organic Search Results

Local SEO Tips for a Small (But Mighty!) Business

Want those nearby customers to find you easily on their phones and call you up? Local SEO is the answer! Here’s a quick checklist to get you ranking high in your community.

Mobile Matters: Over half of people searching on their phones are way more likely to contact businesses with a mobile-friendly website. Make sure yours is easy to read and use on a small screen.

Get on Google Maps: Claiming your Google My Business listing is crucial. Fill it out completely (business name, address, phone number, etc.), choose the right categories for what you do, and throw some nice photos in there!

Keywords are Key: Think like a local! What would YOU search to find your business? Include those phrases plus things like “near me” or specific neighborhoods in your website’s content.

Title Tags + Headings: Don’t neglect those little snippets that show up on Google! Make sure they describe your business and location clearly (and sneak in a keyword or two).

Tech Talk with Google: Schema markup is like a secret language for search engines. It helps Google understand your site better for awesome search results. (If this sounds confusing, don’t worry – we can help!)

Spread the Word: Get your business listed on local directories and websites. This proves you’re legit and gives you extra places for people to find you.

Backlink Bonus: Links from quality sites back to yours are like a thumbs-up for Google. Reach out to local bloggers, partners, or even the Chamber of Commerce for potential links.

Never Stop! Google My Business isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it thing. Keep it updated, respond to reviews, and use Google Posts to share fresh info or deals regularly.

Feeling overwhelmed? Let’s chat! Baymarketing can take all this off your plate, so you can focus on running your amazing business.